Thank you all for finding me some bulbs in this year when caladiums are scarce! I have usually planted Florida Sweetheart, but I was pleased with the Carolyn Whorton as a substitute this year.
           Brad, Texas

Brad, Texas Brad, Texas Side Brad, Texas Front

Thank you! I don’t know how many years I have ordered from you but it has always been a great experience. Our prior home had lots of shade so the White Christmas bulbs were always a source for complimentary conversation with neighbors and passer-bys.

We moved to this zero lot home six years ago and there was a big oak tree in the front yard. For several years we planted the White Christmas there. Our complex has only 36 homes and our house is visible to almost anyone who drives through the Evergreen’s gate. We had to remove the oak tree and all our neighbors still talk about missing the Caladium show! So, I have been experimenting with different sun tolerant varieties and placement for the last few years. I can’t wait to see what your catalog holds for us next spring.!
           Suzanne, TN


I bought Lava Glow caladiums last year. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful the were. Very healthy and very showy. The quality of the bulbs was great. Keep up the good work.
           William Russell, from MS

William Russell, from MS William Russell, another view

We've been buying caladiums from Florida Boys for 3 years. Each year we store some bulbs over and also buy more. So far we've stuck with the "Red Flash". We couldn't be happier. Do well in direct sun or deep shade. Are going to branch out and experiment with a lighter variety for a few spots next year. Thank you for giving us a chance to show them off. 
           Jerry & Helen Murphy
            Tiskilwa, Illinois.

                  zone 5

Tiskilwa, Illinois Murphy, Tiskilwa, Illinois Jerry, Tiskilwa, Illinois Helen Murphy Jerry Murphy Jerry & Helen Murphy

This spring I ordered 600 giant leaf hot pink “Fannie Munson” jumbo Caladium bulbs plus 100 giant leaf white jumbo Caladium bulbs. These Caladiums look like they’re on steroids! They are huge! Surviving our 100°+ daily Texas temperatures without any wilting. Since planting late spring, they have required zero maintenance.

Only problem is our local deer consider them a smorgasbord and eat the Caladium down to the bare stalk. However, a new solution to discourage the deer without hurting them. Amazon has a motion activated 3-ft tall sprinkler head ejector. The head is attached to a hose that is turned on, but only sprays when motion activated by the deer. Wish me luck in my new adventure to discourage providing appetizers and desserts for our local deer!

Sandi, your Caladiums are outstanding! I’ll be back in 2023 for a similar order.

Sandi and Jason, I have loved the photos online of your 3 sons. No wonder you are so proud of them!

Thank you,
Sue Rosson Tejml
Copper Canyon, Mayor 14 yrs
Denton County, Texas

Diane T's caladiums caladiums in Indiana caladiums along a brick wall.

Fantastic product best bulbs ever. My wife loves white on white with pastels so these have turned out great.

Highly recommend Florida Boys caladiums

Gary, El Dorado AR

Gary, El Dorado AR caladiums caladiums in Indiana caladiums along a fence in a planter. caladiums accent. caladiums in a pot. caladiums along a fence. Potted.

I live in northern Indiana and absolutely love growing the caladiums I order from you every year! They are healthy, long lasting and easy to care for, and the color punch can't be beat! Thank you for supplying me color for my garden year after year!

Diane T., Indiana

Diane T's caladiumscaladiums in Indianacaladiums along a brick wall.

The bulbs were so easy to grow! All that’s needed is to plant, water, and wait. The bulbs are very vigorous growers and anybody can have excellent results. I grow them in a 100% mixture of compost and potting soil.

Tom, New Jersey

Tom's caladiumsNew Jersey caladiums

Sandi and her family have been so helpful! Their bulbs are always reliable and hearty. From pots to planters to parterres, I love filling my garden with Florida Boys Caladiums!

James T. Farmer III

James Farmer's caladiums

Florida Boys caladiums bring a beautiful entrance to my home. It’s been a fun time watching them grow all over my yard front & back .
After our Texas freeze I never thought my yard would look this way again.
With Gods beautiful sunshine, rain, & Florida Boys caladiums has made my yard beautiful again.
Simple...if you can make up your mind which ones to order. I want them all!

Houston TX

Pats's caladiums 1 Pats's caladiums 2 Pat's caladiums 3 Pats's caladiums 4 Pats's caladiums 5 Pat's caladiums 6 Pat's Garden Club of the Month sign and her dog.  

Aaron has been a bright star in my green and white garden the past few seasons. If you're patiently waiting for perennials to fill out over a few years, Aaron is a great filler here in West Central, zone 4 Wisconsin. I have planted him where he gets both east, south and a little western sun. We are pollinator friendly, so if something nibbles or the sun slightly burns just snap off the leaf & another quickly fills in. Neighbors & passers by never fail to praise our efforts. This year I'm testing a new shorter variety, and my husband picked a colorful new one for a shady corner he finished last fall. I know I'll order these wonderfully, healthy, beautiful and affordable Florida Boys Caladiums for all the years I can garden.


100% Satisfaction received!!! Enjoyed my beautiful caladiums from Florida Boys Caladiums ALL summer long. Plop them in the ground and watch them deliver colorful unique foliage. Can’t beat that! Can’t wait to add more! Ordering is so quick and simple...if you can make up your mind which ones to order. I want them all!

Thank you!

Judy's caladiums Judy's caladiums Judy's patriotic caladiums  

My caladiums from the bulbs I purchased at Florida Boys Caladiums!

Judy, TX

Judy's caladiums Judy's caladiums Judy's patriotic caladiums  

The 250+ Florida Boys caladiums we ordered last spring were the exclamation points of color in our mostly shady cottage gardens. Impressed with the size and quality of the bulbs, but more so the vigor of the plants throughout a wild summer of heat and rain. Ordering more for next year!

Kate, Central Florida

Kate's caladiums A view of Kete's garden Caladiums on the edges A tower of caladiums. Short caladiums in the grass line. Caladiums in the sunshine. 

I cannot begin to express my extreme satisfaction with the bulbs I purchased from your farm. It has been so much fun watching my plants mature. My neighbors are envious of my yard. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Cindy McKenzie

Cindy's Red Flash Cindy's Mixed caladiums Cindy's potted caladiums Cindy's garden of caladiums. Three varieties of cladiums arranged in Cindy's garden. 

I ordered 150 White Christmas bulbs to go around my oak tree and the result is exactly like I envisioned! Your quality and price is the best. Thank you for something beautiful to look forward to in the hot Florida summers!

Leigh, Florida

Lee's caladiums in the corder of his yard. Lee's caladiums in the corder of his yard. 

Ordered 30 caladiums, 10 of each type I chose, and 5 elephant ears. All except one elephant ear has grown beautifully and I haven't given up on that yet. They sent me replacements just in case and were full of helpful suggestions. I highly recommend them for anyone that wants a showy display of high quality caladiums. Some of them are actually as big as the elephant ears and are growing splendidly. Make sure you let them send the bulbs when THEY feel it's the right time because you also get a guarantee if you do. Great place to do business with.

Lee Ferguson, TX

Lee's caladiums in the corder of his yard. 

Grown in full shade with Miracle Grow potting soil. The very best caladiums I have ever grown!!

Joanne, GA

Joanne's caladiums outside her screen room. 

The wonderful people at Florid Boys Caladiums are outstanding... and so are their marvelous caladiums. I am consistently pleased season after season and love the treasures they send to me in Texas.

Claudia, TX

Caladiums in front of the house.  Caladiums around a tree. 

Caladium's helped our garden shine !

Florida boys caladium's are the very best. Our garden shines when they are blooming. We have turned on many of our friends to Florida boys and all of them have had success with them. Thank you Florida boys !!!


Caladiums with bird statues.  Caladiums in the hedges  Caladiums with drift wood.  Hedge row of caladiums. 

Dear Florida Boys,
I have grown caladiums for years. This year I bought some tubers from you and have never had such lush, lovely, colorful leaves! They germinated relatively quickly and have putting on a show ever since. Thank you for such a great plant. I will certainly be ordering from you again to make sure I have a summer full of these gorgeous plant.

N. Campbell

Campbell  N. Campbell 

I have purchased from other caladium companies before but your plants are the best! Huge, lovely, and consistent. I will definitely order here from now on.”

Ann Werden
Cincinnati, Ohio

Ann Werden 

Florida Boys caladiums are truly the best! This is our second year using Florida Boys and we could not be happier. The quality of the bulbs and how they produce is unmatched in my 30 years of gardening. Thanks to Sandi and the boys!

Kris in Kingwood

Kris in Kingwood  Kingwood  Kris 

Love my caladiums from Florida Boys Caladiums! I was a first time customer last year and was so happy with the quality and value of the bulbs I will never buy them from anywhere else. They withstand the Texas heat beautifully and bloom all summer long. I couldn’t remember which ones I ordered the prior year and Sandi was awesome and sent the previous order over right away.

Renae – Houston, TX

Renae in Houstin 

I have used Caladiums in my beds for as long as I can remember. I have always bought bulbs from local nurseries. I have never had the results I have had using bulbs from Florida Boys. Not only are the big and beautiful but they are affordable and arrive fast.
Last year I became a customer for life.
Thanks yall!

Erik- New Orleans, Louisiana

Erik in New Orleans 

Caladiums are the most perfect, work free color you can have for your summer flora no matter what kind of weather you have. No deadheading, no trimming...just pure enjoyment. Here in my Zone 7, they are stunning from late Spring until almost frost time! For the past several years, I have ordered the mixed variety in bulk from FLORIDA BOYS CALADIUMS and they ship them to my zone when it is time to plant. The yard is beautiful every year and never fails to amaze me! I have prepared beds with sand and good top soil to which I add a few fresh bags of Miracle Grow soil which has fertilizer in it, stir it all together and plant my bulbs. Then just sit back and enjoy!! No more work except perhaps a little water in very dry climates. And the deer don't eat them!!! In addition, they make excellent for pots; plant many of them in a large pot...they mix well with other plants in your pot. You can't go wrong with FLORIDA BOYS CALADIUMS!

J. Smith, GA

J. Smith, GA  J. Smith, GA 2  J. Smith, GA 3 

I loved my White Queen Caladiums

Anne - SC

Anne - SC  Anne - SC 2 

I recently purchased a home that had very minimal landscaping. I have a lot of trees, so planting in and around them is a problem. I found the website, Florida Boys Caladiums, offering some very unique colors and styles of plants. I purchased a group of bulbs to try them out. They arrived so fast I was definitely surprised. Their packaging was marked perfectly so I knew which ones to layer first, second, etc. Having ordered plants on line before, I didn't think all of the bulbs would survive. Not only did all of them survive, but they have exceeded my expectations. The area where I planted them looks terrific and I am so happy. Now I'm going back to add more colors to my yard. Caladiums are so easy to grow and maintain as well as adding a pop of color to a bland yard.

Thanks Florida Boys for a great product. Now I wish I had a bigger yard .

Gayle G. - St. Pete, FL


Spectacular beyond my expectations is the only way that I can describe the caladiums I purchased from you this year. I'll be back next year!
Thank you! 


Paul's Caladiums Paul's Caladiums 2

I have been gardening for more than 40 years and have planted countless Caladium bulbs, both cheap and expensive. None of them compare to the ones I purchased from Florida Boys. Every single bulb grew and grew bigger than I had expected. Our summer has been extremely hot-100 degree days for 2 months-and no rain. The ones in containers did well, as did the ones in the ground. I potted some and gave as gifts and all did great, even for my friends that can't grow anything. I discovered Florida Boys quite by accident and am I ever glad I did.

Thank you for answering my questions and for your help with my order. It arrived quickly and in time because of you. And the prices are great! I am definitely going to tell my friends about “FloridaBoysCaladiums.com”

Nosh S.

From the great descriptions on their website to the prompt delivery of our order to the amazing blooms we have throughout our yard, we couldn't be happier with our "Florida Boys" caladiums. They are nothing short of spectacular! The cut leaves also make beautiful, long-lasting arrangements in our home. We look forward to next year and expanding our collection!
Thank you! 


/Images/Testimonials/thumbs/180626_Nancy1.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/180626_Nancy2.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/180626_Nancy3.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/180626_Nancy4.jpg


A note to say how pleased we are with your Caladium Bulbs. A few months ago we called and ordered approximately 100 plus bulbs. You filled the order that day. We were excited to receive them in a few days.
I had the two beds prepared and ready for planting. Made a planting tool from a PVC pipe with a point to dig the holes and drop each bulb into. Covered them up, sprinkled 666 fertilizer and then covered the area with pine bark chips. Watered, and up they came. Photo attached.

We are the talk of the neighborhood. Even had drive-byes stop and congratulate us on a beautiful yard. Your perfect Florida grown bulbs have produced the color needed for a "knock out" front and side yard. They are maintenance free and will return us the colored splendor each year. Thanks for your prompt service and quality bulbs. Another order will be called in to you next year for our extra lot next door.
Homosassa FL

I wanted to add caladiums to my garden. I did an on line search for caladiums. My search landed on Florida Boys. It was a marvel to see all of the different varieties of caladiums. I placed a medium order and was rewarded the best service in the world, as I am a total on-line shopper, I know about service.
The plants came when expected and I planted. Caladiums take a little while to grow, but when they did they were beautiful. My home was the showplace of the neighborhood. This year I tripled my order and I am expecting my plants any day now. So far this year the service was been exceptional.
Thank you Florida Boys and Sandi in particular. 


/Images/Testimonials/thumbs/180605_Kathie1.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/180605_Kathie2.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/180605_Kathie3.jpg

For the past two decades I have been planting caladiums; however, I always purchased the bulbs from local stores. Often, the best bulbs had been purchased. This year, there were no white caladium bulbs available so I went on line to see where I might get some white caladium bulbs. I ran across Florida Boys Caladiums and decided I would give them a try. I ordered the large bulbs and when I got them I was truly impressed with the size and quality of the bulbs. Although a little more expensive than the bulbs I can by locally in the garden stores, I am going to purchase all my caladium bulbs from Florida Boys in the future because of the quality of the bulbs. I would recommend these caladiums to anyone who wants quality caladium bulbs.
Arlan Richardson

Thank you for my wonderful bulbs.  I can always count on getting the best ones. 

Received order for 100 Jumbo Bulbs! I was thrilled with the excellent service but most of all with the bulbs! They are spectacular! Have already planted and can hardly wait for them to come up!!!


Thank you to Florida Boys for sponsoring us to race with Florida Trail Riders

/Images/Testimonials/thumbs/171215_Weston_316.png /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/171215_Weston_316.png /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/171215_Weston_316.png



I received the bulbs today, they looked great (large, fresh and ready for spring), unlike what you find at the big box stores. These bulbs always come up and look great and healthy. I couldn't be more happier with your product. You do a great job and I'm always pleased with everything I get.
Mark - Jax,Fl

Of course I never purchased Bulbs from the internet before But my photos prove they Grow beautiful caladiums, I have My German family waiting for Me to send them bulbs next year.
Just wanted to show you your beautiful caladiums some from last year but around the trees are the ones I just purchased.

Matthew G. - Boca Raton, FL

/Images/Testimonials/thumbs/170525_Matthew.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/170525_Matthew2.jpg

This is the second year that I have had a yard full of beautiful caladiums thanks to Florida Boy. They are a pleasure to deal with and the price is great!


Dear Florida Boys Caladiums,
I just wanted you to know how proud I am of the caladiums! This is the first time I have ordered bulk caladiums and it has been a wonderful experience. Sandi communicated very quickly with conformation of my order and ship date. I received the bulbs within two days and they were expertly packaged .
Thank you for growing such beautiful plants! 

C. McClendon - Alabama

/Images/Testimonials/thumbs/CMcClendon_1.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/CMcClendon_2.jpg

I have to share how successful I've been with the spectacular caladiums I received from FLORIDA BOYS CALADIUMS (FBC) this Spring for the summer 2016! I had grown 3 of FBC's bulbs last summer given to me by a friend and sent a photo then of how huge they had grown.... But this year I placed a larger order (6 different varieties)and was so impressed with the size of the bulbs we received.....Just about 6 weeks after planting them in potting soil in large urns with time released fertilizer, they have emerged and rapidly grown to enormous sizes...... I can't believe how gorgeous they are!!!!
We're having a fabulous hot and rainy summer and they seem to love it here in Missouri!!! Again thank you for the exceptional order you sent.....I will cherish the memories of your caladiums (photos are priceless) in January when it's 10 deg and blowing snow!!!!!"
My best regards.... Your more than satisfied customer
CP in Missouri

/Images/Testimonials/thumbs/CPMissouri_1.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/CPMissouri_2.jpg

June 20, 2016
Our garden club wanted to add color using caladiums to the nature center we maintain in our area. While searching for a vendor we found Florida Boys Caladiums. Sandi Holmes worked with us every step of the way. She provided advice and made recommendations as to color, best time to plant and light exposure. She always made herself available to answer any questions we had.
We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We planted 100 caladiums bulbs. The results are above our expectation. The colors are beyond belief, the bulb quality exceptional. In the future we will definitely buy from Florida Boys Caladiums without hesitation.

Italia Coneeny Chairman Possum Long Nature Center 

Our Florida Boys caladiums are up and looking beautiful here in Houston! They made it through our heavy spring rains just fine, and they make us smile every day. We were so pleased your customer service, and by the size and quality of the bulbs. It’s difficult to decide which of the two colors is prettier. We will definitely order with you again!
Beverly Witt

/Images/Testimonials/thumbs/Sam_1.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/Sam_2.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/Sam_3.jpg

I could not be more pleased with my Caladiums. This was the first time I had grown them, so I emailed my questions and Sandi promptly answered them all. After I placed my order they shipped out right away and arrived in perfect condition. I followed the simple instructions provided. They were easy to plant, sprouted quickly, filled in fast, and need almost no maintenance. Best of all is the amount of money I saved buying bulbs online vs an expensive trip to the garden center. They really brightened up the yard and added a beautiful splash of color in a sea of green. Thanks Caladium Boys, I will surely order again!
-Kevin M. Royal Palm Beach, FL

/Images/Testimonials/thumbs/KevinRoyal_1.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/KevinRoyal_2.jpg

If you are looking for the most beautiful caladiums ever look no further than Florida Boys Caladiums. I planted 150 of them and they all bloomed out and are gorgeous and huge. Sandi was very helpful with her advice and planting tips. Shipping and customer service were flawless.
I highly recommend Florida Boys Caladiums.  You won't regret it. I've attached some pictures as well. 


/Images/Testimonials/thumbs/20150615_153648_resized.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/20150615_153831_resized.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/20150615_153926_resized.jpg /Images/Testimonials/thumbs/20150615_154044_resized.jpg

Thank you Holmes family!




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